Made in England Steel Vice For Sale

Are you looking for a steel vice for sale that was made in England? At Good Buy Tools, we have a range of hard-wearing steel vices available at low prices.

Available with 2 strong gripping parallel jaws, one fixed and one movable, steel vices are Ideal for intricate tasks where accuracy is essential. Steel vices are used to hold metal when filing or cutting and usually have a swivel base so you can get all the right angles and benefit from smooth operation.

Steel vices are extremely durable and have high compressive strength making them perfect for bench mounting in workshops, garages and machine shop use.

All of the made in England steel vices for sale can hold wider objects within the jaws thanks to being able to handle high tensile stress without the risk of breaking.

If you can not find a particular made in England steel vice for sale on our website, we can get in touch with our vast contact portfolio for you to locate the right one.

Alternatively, if you have a made in England steel vice for sale, we can offer you a quick valuation at Sell your Machines and Tooling – Good Buy Tools.

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