About Us

Based in the North East of England, GoodBuyTools are the UK’s largest exporters of British made Machinery and Tooling to Ireland and America. At the centre of GoodBuyTools’ ideology is an appreciation for all customers and visitors with their hospitality and accommodation being our priority.

Established by Bob Singh in 2017 through trade on markets, GoodBuyTools has since grown to become a multinational business with a presence in the UK and Ireland, overlooked by our director and head engineer David Singh.

With our personnel having a presence in both the UK and Ireland for over 35 years has allowed for fluent movement of goods at very competitive prices. Specialising in used craftsmen and engineering products we have exported thousands of products between UK, Ireland and America.

Retailing in machinery and tooling for over 5 years, GoodBuyTools has built an extensive portfolio of contacts whereby machines and craftsmen products can be sourced on demand at our customer’s requirement.

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